Hello world – from Brilliant College Up North

Ok – so this is my first blog for the 23 Things for Professional Development Course. I think it’s a fantastic way of finding out about e-learning tools, strategies and theories and of swapping ideas, experience and knowledge with other like-minded professionals. Looking forward to next week!

Found a good link to a useful tool on “Technology Bits Bytes & Nibbles” – an RSS feed that comes to me with tips for integrating technology into teaching. Just choose the words, then either two initals or a choice of shapes – and away you go.
ImageChef Word Mosaic - ImageChef.com

Bit about me

I manage the LRC of an FE College “up North”. As well as the usual day-job, we are undertaking a project called “Skillzone” and are in the process of collaborating with our advanced learning practitioners and staff development to support the use of e-learning in the Curriculum across the College. No mean feat! We have formed the e-Learning strategy group for the College and meet with the AP for Teaching and Learning and AP for Learner Services and Quality. Very exciting stuff – and already the benefits of this collaboration can be seen…… one College message – no duplication of support – one-stop shop for tutors – can provide wrap-around service to support individuals and groups. Quality support for teaching staff that is pedagogically, technically and digitally sound.



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